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Soviet Nuclear Missile Launch Keys

Posted on 09 August, 2017 by Bell
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artspace712.com -Soviet Nuclear Missile Launch Keys If notification was received from the early warning systems that inbound missiles had been detected, the Soviet Union's strategy was an immediate and compulsory nuclear counter-attack against the United States (launch on warning), specified in the doctrine of mutual assured destruction.

1. Ss-x-27

Ss-x-27  DownloadSource: www.russianspaceweb.com

Soviet Nuclear Missile Launch Keys now being sold. Somehow, I thought ICBM missile launch keys would look a bit more complex then, say, a gym locker key.

Two-man rule. In the "Solitude" episode of the CBS series Supergirl, the villain Indigo kills all the silo personnel to take the keys, and then stretches her arms to turn both keys at the same time, launching a nuclear missile intended to destroy National City.

Soviet nuclear launch key (ftlzfgh8k) by valor. This is a model of the key that was used during the Cold War for the dual-key launch system of Soviet ICBMs. They are a beautiful, and disturbing, piece of history. I built this model based on photos and measurements I found online of the actual keys that were recently auctioned.

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