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Su 27 Aircraft

Posted on 17 May, 2017 by Dowdy
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artspace712.com -Su 27 Aircraft Russian Air Force – 359 Su-27 aircraft, including 225 Su-27s, 70 Su-27SMs, 12 Su-27SM3s, and 52 Su-27UBs in service as of January 2014. A modernization program began in 2004. Half of the fleet has been modernized by 2012. The Russian Air Force is currently receiving aircraft modernized to the SM3 4++ standard.

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Su 27 Aircraft aft: sukhoi su-27 flankers. Pride Aircraft is responsible for the first and only pair of privately-owned, airworthy Sukhoi Su-27 Flankers in the world. Both are two-seat 'UB' models (NATO Code Flanker-C) with full flight instrumentation and controls in both cockpits.

Sukhoi su-27 flanker. The Su-27 has twin vertical fins fitted on the outer sides of the fuselage and twin central fins underneath. The airbrake is placed in the center of the mid-section of the aircraft behind the cockpit. The tricycle landing gear of Su-27 and Su-27UB has a single wheel on each strut.

Su-27 flanker front-line fighter aircraft. The Su-27 (NATO designation Flanker) is the front-line fighter aircraft designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Armament of the Su-27SK includes the 30mm calibre gun, with its set of 150 cartridges, rocket-guided and unguided weapons, and bombs.

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